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So much drama, so little research, for 30+ years, hearsay and gossip have hammered against truth and beauty in a cultural war that has broken down the American way of life. I hope to encourage, egg on, pinch, cajole, whatever it takes to get citizens to think about issues of the day, talk amongst yourselves, start walking our talk. We do elect the government that we deserve, so if most of you are in worse shape this year, now is a good time to take a stand for the middle class.

Infotainers on Fox Spews and other inane programs, reflect the battle between scholarship and broadcast ga-ga, the "dummy down" conspiracy that has brought us to the brink of intellectual bankruptcy. I am an Independent voter, Chicago native, here to express some common sense from the heartland. And when it comes to our current state of political discourse, we always show and will take on any cultural collision, with humor and wit.


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